Saturday, April 19, 2008

A surprise bridal shower!

Hello there, Sylvia here. I guess I should start making this wedding blog and actual blog and talk about the plans and events that are ramping up! The biggest thing so far: A surprise bridal shower thrown by my future mother-in-law Nancy! Here's how it went:

Mark and his family had wanted us to meet with Father George, the pastor who will be performing the ceremony some time in advance so we could be interviewed. We set a day to have lunch with him, April 19th... OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Mark and I were dressed of course in our casual finery and we drove to Nancy and Bob's place. There were balloons along the driveway, but I didn't think anything of it as Nancy had told us before "some neighbors were having a party."

They suspiciously made me walk ahead of them into their home and as I entered the hallway... POP! My Maid of Honor Suzan pops her head out from the kitchen! I was speechless, I had no idea what she was doing there until a camera came out and took a picture of my surprise.

Then a chorus of "SURPRISE!" rang from upstairs and down came a parade of family and friends. Even my mom was there, shy and hiding behind others. Good gravy was I surprised! So surprise I cried because I knew these were the people who loved me the best.

So there was a party full of delicious food and wonderful gifts! Should I publish a list of them online? Naah... Let's just say they were all awesome! But here's a picture of what Mark was super thrilled about ;) We're pretty much enjoying all of them, but the highlight was definitely the surprise element, hehe.

I'll blog later about what else has been going on (And ooohh boy is there a lot)! Just want to put this up here and let it simmer for now :)