Monday, July 21, 2008

Part 2: Mark's Sneaky Proposal

With two weeks to go, I realized I should finally put in how this all started. Here goes:

So it was Friday, the night of Harry Potter 7's release in bookstores on July 20th, 2007 and we're already scheduled to go to Pasadena's Borders book store to get it. Work was good, he picked me up and we took a break at home (his apartment). (for the record, this was back when Big Bad Tomato was on Barham, about 5 minutes away from Mark's apartment)

A few months back, I had bought a numbered print of Mary GrandPre's painting of the wizard fight at the end of book 5 at the Warner Bros. lot. Mark surprised me by having it framed and mounted on his study wall. I thought it was so sweet, he always gets me little presents sometimes like a bouquet of flowers or a little sweet ... since he was the best boyfriend ever. Anyways, I was already feeling pampered when he offered a bit of fruit, a small snack, and some wine.

Now with this presentation, I knew he was up to something. We started chatting about his old home in Boston and what not, just talking... when he started talking about his grandmother and one of the things she bequeathed to him. I asked him "Oh, what's that?"

He reached over the kitchen counter and drew out a ring box. At the sight, I burst into tears. I was seriously a blubbering idiot. To this day, I dont' remember what he said exactly. He got down on one knee and just popped the question. After crying and kissing for about half an hour, we went to Borders, got our ticket to get Potter, then went to my mother's place for dinner, then his parents' place for a little celebration. ^___^ Then we waited 3 hours for the book... and we read it to each other that night.

I know I'll remember that night forever... even if some bits are muzzy.

As he puts it, I'm losing a boy wizard, but gaining a fiance. ^__^