Monday, June 16, 2008

How We Met

In lieu of having barely an idea of what to blog about and the fact that we've been telling people often in the past few weeks, this morning I present to you part one in our new series: How Mark and Sylvia Did Significant Stuff In the Relationship.

Part 1: How We Met

A long long time ago (about two years hehe) a friend of mine told me about a friend of hers who threw these parties themed after video games. Now, I was a quasi-shut-in and realized I needed to get out more before I got too used to it. So I watched my mother and my favorite cooking show at the time (making it 9pm, a little late for the party) and drove out to Burbank.

And swiftly got lost on Hollywood Way. I called up my friend and she gave the phone to Mark. He talked me onto the right streets and he buzzed me in when I arrived. His complex is large and, of course, I parked clear out on the opposite side of his apartment. He greeted me halfway into his complex in the dark and... I can't say it was love at first sight, sorry. haha! I thought he was tall and cute and therefore out of my league, so I was just friendly.

At the party, I had lots of fun. Talked to plenty of awesome people who would later become close friends. You guys! Towards the middle of the party, I noticed he was playing some music that was extremely obscure. I found Mark and asked, "Hey, is this Mario Big Band Live?" I think he lit up and we talked a bit.

Later on, Mark and a few people were playing video games and the conversation I was in started to be about the Animaniacs. I said I knew the Nations of the World song by heart and me and a few people started singing... but I know past the first two verses and kept singing almost towards the end. I didn't realize it at the time, but activity stopped for a bit while I sang, just from the sheer craziness of knowing it. Mark paused his game, gawked at me, and asked me to marry him. HAH! HAAAAAAH!!!! A little flustered, I probably simpered and moved on.

Overall, I just had a good time and hoped to come back when he threw another one.

Sometime later, I got a message from him on MySpace, asking if I was attending Anime Expo. I was, but sadly, I never checked MySpace so that opportunity slipped by! MEEP! Fortunately, he threw another party a few months later and we talked about how funny that was. At this party, I talked a lot more (due to more beer) and got into a conversation about my relationship status. I said something like, "Oh, it's so hard for guys to just ask me out! They always beat around the bush and I'm just tired of guessing if they like me or not. So I'm single cuz no guy seems man enough to--" Hearing this, Mark swooped in and asked, "So do you wanna go out on a date?" And I said, "Sure!"....

The morning after, I sent him an email asking if he actually legitimately asked me out, and he replied if I actually, legitimately said yes. So we went to dinner and a movie and the rest is history! :D

Stay tuned for part 2: How Mark Sneakily Proposed